Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wow, what a little color can do.

First let me say paying someone to paint our living room was the smartest thing we've ever ever ever done before. Best money ever spent. Worth every penny. And every other smart spending saying out there.

Lets review here's the living room's before pictures. (It's pretty much necessary to view these first if you haven't seen them before, or at least to refresh your mind!)

Here is our painter Dwaine.

He was using tinted primer. So pretty much, that color is the color of the walls. Here's another picture to show you that this is going to make a major change in the room!
I really cant describe how the mood of the room totally changed with a different color. It feels lighter. More mellow. More airy. It feels so much better.

Now I'm going to post a couple pictures of the wall, but this isn't going to serve as a BEFORE/AFTER post because we are getting new furniture, and we need stuff ON the walls. Once that is done I'll be posting a real post that compares the before room to the after and we can all ohhhhh & ahhhh!

You can't really tell from these pictures (I can't seem to win on making them the size I want them, they are either always too big or always too small) but we've also repainted all the trim. (You can actually still see some tape above the door in the last picture!). What a difference. It all just POPs a little bit more.

Now this view is going to be one of our next project. We are repainting the spindles a bright white. And then we're refinishing the rail and posts. They will be a very dark stain. It should be a great contrast! BUT what in the world am I going to hang on that wall? If you looked at the "before" shots you'll see they had pictures and a coat hanger thingie. Well I don't really want to hang pictures like that. And we've tossed around the idea of putting a coat hook thing like they had. But we're not sure. I'm sure things will look different once we've stained the railing. Maybe that will give us some direction.

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