Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Already changes to the Wee one's room.

I just posted a few hours ago about the paint color choice for her room. And I was looking at it more (which I've been doing a lot of for the past 2 weeks) and decided that now that I put it all together in a blog and really pictured ALL of it together. The color needed more "pop". It needed more. And I think I was a little scared of more color before, and in the past would have been talked out of it. But I have my inspiration picture and I am in love with it. I picture the room and I am in love with it. It's a color that will be able to be made much more playful and fun as Baby C grows.
So, we're changing the color folks.

Here's the blog entry that finally made me just decided that the previous choice of Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue was too light.

So here's a little peak at the color:

Now picture it again with the pompoms, and quotes, and maybe daisies! It fits much much better now!

Second Floor Bathroom

This bathroom will have a dual purpose. It's the guest and company bathroom, but also the wee one's. So while I don't want to totally kid-ify it. I do want her to like it, since she'll be using it more than anyone else.

Currently the owners have it decorated like this:

It's a fairly large bathroom, you can't really tell but there's a bit of room to the left of where the picture ends. Enough for some shelving for towels and other bath items. Something else that's difficult to tell from this picture is the color. I took another picture of the bathroom, but it's not the best quality, I was rushing. The bathroom is actually gray. A really nice gray. Our question has been how to dress that grayup for Baby C. We've come up with a couple of options.

Option One: is to accessorize with pink, bright pink. Not bubble gum bright pink, but more like this color pink:

Now it's a whole lot of pink when it's the only color in the room. But I'm attempting to talk Mr. C into being on board with a solid line midway around the room. With a matching solid shower curtain. I think it would add a great amount of color to the room. I saw a picture of a kids bathroom that I really liked this picture and quote they had. I am on the hunt for the picture again, but I can't find it right now. As soon as I do I'll come back and add it here. But in the mean time I'll do my best to describe it. It was a picture of her child (or maybe two kids) wrapped in towels. Framed. Above the pictures had a quote. I can't remember now what it said for sure. But we're going back and forth between "Rub-a-dub-dub" and "splish splash",

Option Two: Also known as Mr. C's least favorite. Adding wood paneling to break up all the gray. We would probably still accessorize with pink, just no stripe.

Option Three: A totally new color. This would be a totally blank slate. No color choices have been decided if we go with this. So I imagine if we don't decide between one and two, we'll have a lot of brainstorming ahead of us.

The Wee One's Room

I am really really excited about Baby C's room. It's like the best of it all. Her current room is pretty much exactly what I wanted for her. I love the wall color, I love the wall art, I love her furniture. There were some things I wanted to do that I never did, and things I wish I had had more room for.

I got to have the green and pink room that I wanted to bring her home to. Now she can have the turquoise room that I was too intimidated to do before. The room in the new house is bigger, windows on opposite ends of the room. and more wall space for more fun stuff!

Here is a picture of what we have as her room now in our current house:

I like it, but I am also really excited that with her new room in the new house, that we can do something new!

Here's what the room in the new house currently looks like:

The color we've chosen for the wee room is called "Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue" It's a light turquoise, depending on how light or bright it is once we get in the room will decide how many other turquoise accents we add to the room. Every online swatch of the color looks much more green than it is. So instead of doing that, here's a room painted the color that wee one's room will be.

I truthfully hope it turns out a tad brighter than this room. I think since there won't be as much sunlight it will turn out exactly how I want it. And if not, we'll well change plans (which may or may not include one coat of the next color on the card). No biggie.

Over the crib we're going to hang some paper pompoms (or cloth if I can find fabric that I like). I am not decided on the number of them yet. But there will probably be two or three colors. Two shades of pink and maybe a turquoise if the room needs some extra pop. Here's a picture of similar colors to give you an idea:

I found this adorable idea on this blog:

I will finally use the quote I loved when I was pregnant. I kept trying to find a place for it in her current room, but never had a chance. "Today you are you. Which is truer than true. For no one alive can be more youer than you." And for the sake of staying even with quotes I have a couple more quotes that are being decided on. I asked the above blogger how she did it, so I'm fairly confident I can do something similar. We will see!

I do plan on making another memory board like the one that currently hangs over her dresser. I want to make it bigger, so I'm waiting for canvas to go on sale at the craft store!

Mr. C and I were talking last night about what to do in the little "cove" in the room. I really like the idea of putting a toy box under the window like the current owners have. But I want to do something fun and a little whimsical with that area. Currently we're talking about decals of daisy's "growing" from the floor, or maybe dandelions. Nothing has been decided. We also are talking about where to put her name in the room. I want it somewhere where she see's it regularly so she can become familiar with how her name looks. But I also want it to flow with the room.

Lastly I found an Etsy store (if you don't know what etsy is, go look, now.) that makes custom glider cushions. This makes me very very happy! I haven't seen a fabric that I think I want for it, but once we get closer to getting it all together, I'm sure I'll find something that jumps out at me!

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions just send me a message!! Nothing is written in stone yet!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Master Bedroom

Mr C. and I are super excited about the mater bedroom, the closet, and even including big plans for the bathroom (if those actually come to life in the next five years is a different story.)

Here are two pictures of the room as it is now (with the current owners belongings)

Now, you see the door down there? It is to the closet....against the wall in the L shaped room is the door to the bathroom. Here is where the major changes begin....
We are going to box the room, we're making that wall flush and extending the closet. There is a good reason that we will get to later (a good reason besides having a bigger closet). We haven't worked out the details of where the door to the bathroom will be, but trust me...we're already working on that. (I have a picture of the inside of th current closet..but you're going to have to wait until it's empty to get to see a picture, sorry!!)

Now after we've made that wall flush we are going to repaint and refurnish the room. They are currently rocking the sage green feel, we will be changing that.

The master bedroom was the only room they didn't get around to re-carpeting, so that will also be part of the redo, what it shown at the bottom of the photo is the current bedroom carpeting, whats at the top is what we're just going to extend into the room:

The look we'll be going for of the room will be a mix of these:

My dreams for our closet look a little something like this:

But since that's the size of an entire bedroom, you can all be assured it won't look much like that at all. But we are going to add some shelves, and drawers into the closet to make it more organized, and hopefully if all goes well relieve the need for a dresser (while there is room for one, we'd like to make the room larger by not having one! Crazy idea huh?)

It will probably look a little more like this:

Just with more organization, no slanted ceiling, and maybe have a her side and a his side...

As I said, we've got major plans. If timing works in our favor the actual bedroom and closet will be done by the summer!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Guest Room

The room that will be the guest room is currently a little girls room. The current owners did a great job with it...can you believe she had the patience to HAND PAINT all of that?! Way more patience than I had with Baby C's room! When I was done painting the wall one solid color...I was DONE.

But back to the point, yes she did a great job. And I'm sure it breaks her heart to have to paint over it. Mr. C and I had talked over keeping the colors and just making it work for Baby C, but when I look at that room as it is I just don't SEE her in that room. Added to the fact that we wanted her to have the other room on the second floor.

So this is the room currently:
View standing in front of the closet:

View from the door to the room:

We are going to do the room is all browns with a splash of color (that hasn't really been determined yet). We are going to need to find that color out sorta soon though because the bedding for that room, and the wall colors are going to darken the room up quite a bit.

Here is a quick look at our plan (with an option for the splash of color, so let us know what you think).



Splash of color:

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Here is where you will find before and after pictures!

What this blog is about.

In Feb. 2010 we will be closing on our first home! HOMEOWNERS! Finally!

This blog is to keep track of all the projects we take on. The house is perfect for us, most of the changes are very cosmetic. But we're excited to take on the somewhat bigger projects and make this house our home! Each tab will concentrate on just that part of the house. Before pictures, ideas, troubleshooting issues we come across, and of course after pictures. There will be some in-between pictures too!

A little map of where to quickly find things:
The "Bed" include the master, the wee one's room, and the guest room.
The "Bath" include master, second floor, and basement.
The "Living" and the "Kitchen" tabs are pretty obvious.
In the basement we have the "man cave" and the craft room/office.
The "Misc" section will include any projects on the outside of the house, as well as any random projects we aren't quite sure where to put them.
And the "Before /After" section will be a quick place to look to see exactly how things turned out when we are done, and to tell us what you think of the changes we've made!

If you have any questions you can e-mail me at the "Contact" tab at the top!

Outside of House

For all things on the outside of the house!

Misc Projects

For all other house projects.

Man Room

For all things Man Room.

Craft Room

For all things Craft Room

Second Floor Bathroom

For All things Second Floor Bathroom.

Guest Room

For all things Guest Room.

Wee One's Room

For all things Baby C's Room.

Living Room

For all things Living Room.

Master Bathroom

For all things Master Bathroom.

Master Bedroom

For all things Master Bedroom.


For All Things Kitchen Related

For those subscribed

I am making some changes in the next few hours. Be patient. If I'm in a feed there will be a lot of dribble coming your way. I will offer things with pictures and context later.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The List

The daunting list. The list that I go through in my head when I lay down at night (which is rather unfortunate since usually by the time I lay down I have a handful of hours to sleep before Baby C wants to eat.

The List:
- Master Bedroom
- Master Bathroom
- Kitchen
- Craft/Office room
- "Man cave"
- Stairs to basement.
- Living room
- Second floor bathroom.
- Shutters
- Front Door

- Kitchen Cabinets
- Master bathroom Cabinets
- Railing for Stairs

- Pantry.
- Shelving into Craft/Office room.
- Shelving into "man cave"
- Blinds
- Extra racks into master closet.
- Extra racks into Sophia's closet.

- Headboard for Master Bedroom.
- Window treatments for Master bedroom
- Window treatments for Sophia's room
- Window treatments for Guest room.
- Window treatments for Living room.

- Door Locks.
- Master bedroom carpeting.

Long term goals:
- renovate master bathroom.
- renovate kitchen.
- re-carpet second floor

This list could get longer, but likely not shorter until we start crossing things off of it. I will update this list here and there. Probably not every time we do something. Not all of this is going to be done right away, or even in the first year. And don't count on the long term goals being done for at least a year (to start). And depending on how the make overs go they may not get done at all (not likely but totally possible!).

Mr. C and I are excited about getting into the house and making it our home!

Change of plans for this blog...

I was going to post the pictures of the house from the listing, so y'all could all see. But we're probably going to get to go look at it again on Saturday. So I'm bringing my camera and I'm going to get better pictures so you can all see a bit more, and you can see the rest of the rooms that weren't pictured in the listing. (there were 3 rooms they didn't show at all!) And then you can help be brainstorm colors, and technique options for making some changes!!