Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekend Projects

They aren't all HGTV makes them out to be.

Which is probably due to the fact they condense all that work into an hour, sometimes 30 minutes.

And you get to sick back and watch a whole team of people (at least 4 but up to a few dozen!) work on a room or a set of rooms. The reality is weekend projects aren't like that in the real world (or at least in my reality of the real world!)

Trying to do work with a 7 month old means either one person works while the other plays/feeds/changes/rocks the baby. Or nothing gets done until bedtime (which thanks to the time change is an hour later).

Last night Mr. C & I started on the bathroom, we worked from 7ish-to after midnight. And really we only got the walls washed, prepped, and the ceiling painted (we'd already removed all the hardware off the walls).

Today we're going to be painting the walls and painting the doors to the closet, bathroom and bedroom. Hopefully we can get the wee one to nap where I can at least get ONE coat of paint on the walls!!

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