Saturday, March 13, 2010

Watch out bathroom....

We are about to rock your world!

The bathroom is needing some serious overhaul. The painter we have hired for the living room is also going to do the bedroom. So we don't have to mess around with that. But the bathroom....the bathroom is all us. And I am going to take a sick satisfaction from it.

The ceiling, the walls, the hardware, the cabinets. It will all be changing!!

This is the bathroom currently (I will take more pictures right before the work starts!):

It's not the best picture, so I'll need to go in and take some more so that I have good before and afters.

We are repainting the walls with a beautiful cinnamon color. We are staining the cabinets a darker shade. We are repainting the ceiling. We are replacing the light fixtures and the hardware. Oh and we're replacing the mirror.

The only thing we aren't doing right now is replacing the floors. And the reason is funds. would it be easier to do it all at once? Of course. But we are still deciding on what floors we want, and so far our taste exceeds the funds available. So instead of settling we're going to make it something that we like and will enjoy until we can get to the floors.

I will have more to tell of the end plan of the bathroom(s) in the before and after post. While we were hoping this project would be our weekend project, it will probably take a couple of weeks just because of some other scheduling issues. But I can't wait for it to be done and us to show you the final product!

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