Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It wouldn't be a DIY project with out an issue?

I posted about how we were working on the bathroom. And I've been asked for pictures. Well here's the issue we've run into (the reason we haven't posted any pictres).

When we were installing the new light fixture we ran into an issue. The box that is in the wall, the one where the wires come through, you know the one you mount the light fixture to? Well it wasn't mounted to anything inside of the wall. It's supposed to be mounted to a couple 2x4's. that are either the studs or connected to the studs. This one wasn't. It was just sitting in the wall, hanging out. It's no longer hanging out, because as we were trying to figure out why the fixture was "rocking" the dry wall cracked. A little inspection caused the box to seperate from the wall. Basically it was bonded in there with paint. And then the old fixture was a wide fixture, so there wasn't pressure AT the box exactly. But this new light fixture puts all the pressure at and right around the box.

So now we have to get that sitch fixed before we can install the light. We still don't have a mirror to put in (the old mirror was trash). And so that's why there are no pictures. But as soon as the wee one wakes up from her nap I will be uploading some photo's of the living room so we can all at least ohhhh & ahhhh over what a transformation THAT was!

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  1. The hubby and I are so not DIY people. Good luck with your project.

    Welcome to SITS. We're happy to have you.